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Got something for me? Oh, wait...

I'll bet you thought that by saying "contribute", I was asking for money (which makes it quite a surprise that you even came here). Come to think of it, that's not such a bad idea. But, as much as I would welcome financial assistance, that's not what this page is for.

This is where you come if you have ideas for stories, ads, or other content for this website. It may just be a suggestion. Or maybe you like to write stuff of this kind yourself and would like to submit something to be published. Just fill out the form below.

If your idea is suitable for this site, I will contact you. I reserve the right to be the sole judge of suitability, and may accept or reject material at my discretion for any reason whatever (or for no reason, for that matter). Whether or not you are given credit is also at my discretion, except that I will not publish your name unless you request it. Typically, there will not be bylines for stories. You may make that a condition of release of the material, but that could be cause for rejection.

All the CYA stuff may not sound like it, but I do welcome your ideas.


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Please give a brief description of your suggestion (do not write the article here). If you want to write the article and I don't know you, please tell me a little about yourself.

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By checking this box (required), you hereby verify that the material that you wish to submit is known by you to be in the public domain, or if original material that you are the copyright owner and grant to Dick White Enterprises the unrestricted right to modify and publish said material in any form and any media.

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