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About Dick White

There are just a few things you need to know about Dick White. He is:

However, he thinks that he is:

Do NOT be fooled by this man. Don't be taken in by his charm, which is immeasurable. Don't say nobody told you.

About this website

It should pretty much speak for itself. PARENTAL WARNING: It is not for kids. The content will be pretty tame, but there are things that you may not want your youngsters to see. It's hard to cover the news and remain kid friendly, and the site is intended for adults.

It does require a reasonably current browser with javascript enabled to function properly, and some content will require a plug-in, such as a flash player or some other media player. Sure, you can limp around and be amused without those things, but why deny yourself the full enjoyment that is to be had here?

Should you experience problems, or simply want to express your exhuberance, please visit the feedback page. If you are inspired, and feel that you would like to submit material to be published here, please use the contribution form.

You are welcome to enjoy this site free of charge, except for the "Private" area, which is.....well, private. That area is restricted to friends and family to whom I have given a password.

While you are here, please adhere to the rules. That is all.


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